The Ways to Be a Top Rank Student

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At the present time, becoming a top rank student is something that all students want to reach. They know that they will be famous and get a lot of rewards from their school if they become a top rank student. Unfortunately, some students choose to do bad things to reach their dream. One of the bad things is cheating on the test. Even though cheating is not good to do, they keep doing it. In my opinion, to be a top rank students, they must study harder than the other students, do all school assignments, and must not skip the class.

First of all, they have to study harder than the other students. Study is very determine to be a top rank. When they study, they will understand. Study harder than the other doesn’t mean should study all the time, just take one and half hour to study per day. If they keep study harder than than the other,there is a way to be a top rank. But not just that.

The second one is they have to do all school assignments. Many of them is lazy to done their homework. They better choose to do homework at school. They should change this attitude. Do school assignments is important, because school assignments is lesson from they teacher to make they understand what are they been teach in school.

Last but not least, they must not skip the class. When the student bored with school, they often skip the class. But skip the class is very very bad idea. When they skip the class they will not get any knowledge so they will waste their time. Top rank student never skip the class.

In conclusion, becoming top rank students can be reached if they study harder than the other students, do all school assignments and never skip the class. Of course, doing the three things mentioned is not easy. But, if they have a strong commitment, they will be able to reach their dream. So, have a try.
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