The Way Music Affects Young Children and Young Adults

Topics: Music genre, Music, 20th century Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: December 1, 2011
Kelsee Haws
Mrs. Duckett
Period 5 English
Music for Today's Young Children and Young Adults

In today's society, music has become an everyday thing, especially for society youth. When youth are described, it not only means the teenagers , but also our elementary children. Music today is up-beat and fun to listen to generally, but it depends on what you like. Music is very versatile now a days though, for example, we have avid “metal” listeners, we have “hip-hop” freaks, “rock” lovers, and even “pop” junkies. Those seem to be the most popular genres of music to the worlds youth today, but how does all this music affect our young children and young adults? What are the positive effects and what are the negative aspects of having all this different music around them? So what are some of these positive effects, the negative views on music, and why do people have such a fuse over it?

Let's start out with the positive affects of music on our young adolescents. In some opinions, when children are in school, some of them focus better when listening to music then without. Another thing that is good about most songs today is that music may uplift kids when they are in a downed mood. With other music like classical or even just relaxing music, it can make the most “hyper” children relax or even fall asleep. Other music can inspire our youth. For example, when working out, having a “metal” type of song on can motivate people to work-out a little harder. There are many positive perspectives on music from the 20th and 21st century but we can not just rule out the more negative properties of not only current music.

With some types of music, it can tend to send a bad or inappropriate message to kids who are listening to it. In the music now a days there are quite a bit of song lyrics about sex, alcohol, and heavy drug use. We listen to it everyday whether or not it is intentional, you hear it on your personal music players or the radio. This type of music...
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