The Walt Disney Market Analysis (Swot)

Topics: Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Company, Investment Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: April 11, 2013

Market Analysis (SWOT)

Worldwide Well-Known Brand: Disney is a worldwide brand, well know for the quality of our products and services. Customers most of the time associate our brand with quality, fun, entertainment and success. This is due to a strong marketing strategy developed over the years, which creates lots of business opportunities because customers trust our brand and also due to the fact that other companies also want to associate their brands with Disney. All this marketing effort added value to the Disney brand. Wide Range of Target Customer: In the beginning most of the customers Disney was focused on were kids throughout cartoons and movies, but over the years with the expressive brand growth, Disney recognize new market opportunities and a necessity for diversifying our customer base. New products and services were fundamental in this process as adults movies, theme parks, theme resorts and nightclubs. Offers high quality services and products: Disney always offered high quality product and services which is an attractive for customers and companies. Customers know that buying a Disney product is buying quality and parents trust on this quality when they buy a gift to their kids. Also the association with high quality on services is very important to our brand and it's what makes the parents comfortable when allowing their kids to play on amusement parks and our theme resorts. Other companies also want to link their brands with happiness, fun, safety and quality, what bring us new business opportunities on partnerships, new products and attractions. Diversification: The diversification is one of the strengths of our company. Disney group owns several companies and has a strong business segmentation which could be listed as studio entertainment, parks and resorts, media networks and finally consumer products. This diversification was very important to build a strong brand. In 2000, theme parks and...
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