The Vision of the New World That the Colonists Brought to America and How This Informed the Creation of the Colonies.

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Agriculture, Virginia Pages: 3 (1269 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Early colonist came to American for a variety of reasons, from religious freedom to dreams of getting rich. In this analysis we will look at the vision of two colonies and how the different colony visions led to the colony creation, and the differences between them. The New England community was so strong and so supportive in comparison to that of the settlers in Jamestown, Chesapeake Bay, that it is no wonder they developed into two distinctly different cultures before the year 1700. The Chesapeake region developed into a land of plantations and money-driven owners with a very small middle class, and those in poverty creating the population. New England, on the other hand, had developed into a religion and family based society comprised of mostly middle class families by 1700. Looking at the terrain, government, and the people themselves, reveals clues about how the drastic split in society came to be. While residing in England, the Puritans and faithful Catholics faced persecution, which led to their immigration to the New World. Many groups and parishes applied for charters to America and, led by their priest, the Pilgrims and Puritans made the long voyage to North America. Their religion became a unique element in the New England colonies by 1700. Before landing, the groups settled on agreements, signing laws and pacts to ensure a community effort towards survival when they came to shore, and while settling in New England. Their strong sense of community and faith in God led them to develop a hardworking society by year 1700. Their towns were well organized, with the church being the basis of everyone's daily life, and they wanted to establish equality and have everyone working together in harmony. Family was an important part of the Puritan religion, so their ships came with twenty-two men and twenty-one women, so there was stability. They learned useful farming techniques from the Native Americans, and farming was their prime source of the...
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