The Verdict- Film Analysis

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  • Published : August 6, 2008
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The Verdict was the name of the movie I chose to view for this assignment. The leader in this movie was a lawyer named, Frank Galvin, played by Paul Newman. Frank Galvin is a washed up alcoholic lawyer who in the beginning of the movie is reduced to becoming a perpetual ambulance chaser. Initially his leadership skills are almost non-existent. He has no drive left. One of his associates, Mickey Morrissey, meets him at the office and notices once again that Frank is drunk and passed out on his office couch. Mickey tells Frank he is not going to send any more business his way because he doesn’t seem to put any sincere effort into his cases anymore. Mickey tells him to clean up for this one last case he is sending. It’s a chance to make big money on a medical malpractice suit where a young woman, Karen Ann Quinlan, enters the hospital in labor with her third child, and was given the wrong anesthetic which left her a vegetable for life. Karen’s sister is seeking retribution. The hospital where this occurred is owned by the Archdiocese. Everyone is willing to settle out of court. Frank Galvin takes the case based on profit but later discovers he is doing the right thing for the victim, her family, and his reputation. He wants to get even more money for the victim’s family. So when the lawyers for the Archdiocese offers Frank $210,000.00, he automatically refuses the money and decides to go to court for more. He does not consult his clients who later find out about the offer and are furious. They would have taken it. Now they are stuck going to court for a case in which they may lose completely. Frank reassures them he will win; but as the movie unfolds the rival law team for the defendant is working behind the scenes to sabotage his chances. They plant a woman into his path that becomes his girlfriend but is spying for the Archdiocese. His star witness, another doctor, suddenly takes off to the Caribbean the day before the court case starts. He is...
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