The Veldt Analysis

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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People are developing technology for good, but they actually create some bad things as well. In his short story “The Veldt,” Ray Bradbury tells a story about the Hadleys; a family that lives in a Happylife Home. This futuristic house cooks, cleans, entertains, and takes care of them, At first, the family is pleased with their house. Later however, they start to experience some serious problems. In “The Veldt,” Ray Bradbury uses the Hadley family to demonstrate that technology can take over someone’s life because with technology developing, we lose more and more responsibilities.

Humans are being consumed with technology. When the Hadley parents are debating on what they can do to punish their kids, shutting down the nursery is an idea that comes up. George refuses to be that cruel because the kids ‘“live for the nursery”’ (Bradbury 2). The kids have devoted themselves to the nursery and can’t live without it. They have also controlled their parents with the nursery. This is what technology can do only to kids but adults as well. Later on their conversation, George miserably says ‘“they’re spoiled and we’re spoiled”’ (Bradbury 3). The Hadley parents and Hadley kids are taken over by this technology. It has gotten to such a point that they admit it as well. The parents aren’t the only ones however. In the same way, when George tries to shut down the nursery but gets trapped inside, Peter starts to talk to the nursery as if it were a real person. He pleaded to the nursery to not ‘“let them switch off the nursery and the house”’ (Bradbury 10). Peter is so consumed with the nursery that it has become a person for him and he starts to talk to it. Peter is ready to replace his parents with the nursery anytime. Anyone can become a victim of technology and lose their life. Not only that, they can also lose many of their responsibilities.

With technology developing, you lose more and more responsibilities. When Lydia is saying that the family should take a break from...
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