The Various Conflict Points in the Management of Properties.

Topics: Real estate, Dispute resolution, Renting Pages: 4 (1063 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Some conflicts are inevitable and are predestined; many disputes relating to property management are quite preventable especially where the property manager exhibits high level of professionalism. The relationship between the landlord and tenant is like cat and dog (Ebinama, 2011). Lee (2010) warned that conflict can be a breeding ground for disruption and viciousness; it can cause emotional pain and stress, and decrease job satisfaction. If conflicts are not resolved properly it might affect the organization adversely in terms of poor performance, lack of cooperation, wasting of resources and productivity (Hotepo et al, 2010).

According to Fisher (1990), Conflict is defined as incompatibility of goals or values between two or more parties in a relationship, combined with attempts to control each other and antagonistic feelings towards each other. Putnam and Poole (1987), defines conflict as “the interaction of interdependent people who perceive opposition of goals, aims, and values, and who see the other party as potentially interfering with the realization of these goals”. Conflict can be described as “the interaction of interdependent people who perceive incompatible goals and interference from each other in achieving those goals” (Hocker and Wilmot 1985). There are various points at which conflict may erupt in the management of properties. Such conflicts may involve;

1.The property owner/landlord and adjoining land owners,
2.Landlord and tenants,
3.Among tenants,
4.Property manager and landlord,
5.Property manager and tenants,
6.Tenants and adjoining land owners/users,
7.Landlord and statutory authorities etc.

Other conflict could arise as a result of:
-Lack of cooperation from tenant.
-Absence of lack of property tenancy records from landlord or estate manager. -Problems of unsettled bills consumed by the past occupiers. -Problems of outstanding claim/expenditure made on property by tenants. In attending to tenant’s...
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