The Uss Florida Case Study

Topics: Ohio class submarine, Emotion, Navy Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: August 26, 2012
The USS Florida Case Study

The USS Florida Case Study
In 1997, Commander Michael J. Alfonso made the history books. According to an article published that year, they found that (regarding Alfonso) “It was the first time in the 15-year operating history of the United State’s most lethal submarine that a Trident commander had been dismissed, the Navy said.” The article states that he was verbally abusive to the crew, refused repeatedly to listen to opinions of other officers and senior enlisted personnel, and disregard of his crews views which caused morale problems on board.

When Alfonso first took command, the crew was excited to have him as their commander. He had worked his way up through the ranks and earned his position rather than just be appointed to it. The crew must have felt that he would listen to their opinions and ideas and could empathies with the problems that they face. Obviously, this is not what happened. It seemed like Alfonso had to go out of his way to distance himself from his crew and rather than have them like him, he ultimately earned their fear. Alfonso led his organization by fear, which Daft (2011) states that these organizations “are characterized by cautiousness and secrecy, blaming others, excessive control, and emotional distance among people.”

There are many specialized test and requirements that people in the Navy have to go through to be on submarine such as a Trident. The missions that these submarines go on can take three months or more and there could be over 100 people on board. An article in The Guardian looks at what life is like in one of these submarines. They looked at the crew and wanted to know if there was any chance at some sort of mutiny like you would find in Hollywood. The Captain on the submarine that they went on states “he cannot imagine any mutiny. As well as being extensively security checked, the crew's intensive...
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