The Use of Force

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  • Published : September 15, 2010
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The Use of Force
The point of view in the story “The Use of Force” is in first person narrative. This conveys inner the inner thoughts of the narrator as the doctor. The doctor is a reliable narrator and an observer. I feel that his personality is brought out in the doctor. So the doctors thoughts and behaviors are a reflection of the authors.

As for the setting it takes place at a family’s home. I think it takes place somewhere in the early 1900's. I think it would make a difference to the story if it were set somewhere else, only because if the sick girl was brought to like a hospital for example, maybe she would have been diagnosed and helped sooner without all the hassle that occurred at the house.

The diction of the story is simple. It doesnt seem too complicated and is easy to make sense of. The author makes his points, and plot of the story clear and easy to understand.
The personality of the Doctor is thoughtful. He comes into the house trying to help the sick girl, but after he realizes how shes behaving his personality starts to change. He gets a lot less patient and angrier. The mothers personality is sort of frantic and nervous. Shes worried about her child, and when the doctor has to use other methods of helping her, she starts to become more worrisome and a little annoying. The fathers personality is kind of concealed but nervous too about his daughter. He doesn’t seem to show much emotion. The daughters personality is concealed and aggressive. I think the doctors personality has he most dramatic change in the story. Like I said, he comes into the house ready to help someone, and after all the being shut out by the child, he starts to get angrier and his thoughts become a little more darker.

The conflict in the story is trying to help this little girl. I feel like the conflict changes when the girl becomes more aggressive and wont give in to getting help. The conflict reaches a climax at the end when the doctor struggles to get the girls...
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