The Undeniable Suffering of Farm Animals

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The Undeniable suffering of farm animals
The view of the treatment of animals in our society is certainly impaired. We are behind a veil of ignorance because we have no idea what is truly going on in farms and labs. At such a young age we are inclined to eat meat by our parents, so as we grow up eating meat becomes a habit for us and we don’t stop to realize about how and where the meat came from. The media rarely portrays the brutality and cruelty of animals, so there really is no way for people to know what is truly going on in the slaughter houses. The abuse of animals by humans is not justified just because we are the superior race. The definition of “speciesism” is the readiness to cause pain to animals over human. In other words it is our willingness to kill animals for our satisfaction. Ethics play a big role in the argument of the brutality of animals. We as a human race should realize our position of dominance and show equality to all forms of life. “The principle of equality of human beings is not a description of an alleged actual equality among humans: it is a prescription of how we should treat human beings.” (Page 5) The basic principle of what Peter Singer is saying is taking into account peoples interests. For people to say that animals do not have interests does not clear people of speciesism because animals can definitely feel pain in other ways. “If you stick a knife into the stomach of an anaesthetized dog, the dog will feel pain.” (Page 9)There is no moral justification that any amount of animal’s pain is less important than that same amount of human pain. Humans have superior mental powers so they have a better grip on what is going when they experience pain. Animals may suffer more because they have less of an understanding of where they are and what is happening to them.

One of the two examples of animal cruelty that Peter Singer focuses on is experimentation on animals. If we ended animal experimentation cages would empty and labs...
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