The Ukulele

Topics: Ukulele, Sound, Hawaii Pages: 4 (899 words) Published: September 25, 2012
“The Ukulele” By James Warren 11:10 Mon/Wed (Dr. Cathy James) Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the ukulele.
Central Idea: The ukulele is sweet sounding instrument indigenous to Hawaii, and whether you are a beginner, an experienced musician, or just a listener the sounds of the ukulele can be enjoyed by everyone. Introduction

Imagine being transplanted to a town in the middle of nowhere Ohio not knowing anyone, and having absolutely nothing to do. You might find yourself asking for some type of “gift to come to you” to save you from your boredom. Well when I was 14 that was me. That all changed when my now lifelong friend’s mother had moved him & his siblings from everything they know in Hawaii to the same exact town. You see what he missed the most about Hawaii was jamming on the ukulele with his friends. Luckily for me there was nothing better to do, but remedy this by teaching me everything he knew about the ukulele, which is what I’ll be talking to you about today. First, we will take a look at what is a ukulele, along with a brief history. Next, I will explain the different ukulele sizes.


I. Well, let’s look at what a ukulele is, and also where it came from.

A. The ukulele is a four stringed guitar like instrument that has a deep resonant “happy” sound, and is usually played with a thumb, forefinger, fingertips, or a felt pic.

B. Traditionally the ukulele is made from wood for example Hawaiian koa, maple, and walnut being just a few. However, woods from all over the world are used as well. The type of wood has a significant impact on the sound, tone, and quality. Plastic instruments have also been sold.

B. According to Jim Beloff author of The Ukulele: A Visual History, The ukulele or oo-koo-le-le originated in Hawaii as an interpretation of the “braguinha” an instrument brought by Portuguese immigrants in the late 1800’s.

C. The ukulele was called by Queen Lili’ Uokalani (the last...
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