The Twelve Chairs by Ilf and Petrov

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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The Twelve Chairs
The subject of my work is The Twelve Chairs novel written by Ilf and Petrov and its screening directed by Mark Zakharov. The language: Russian
The main characters:
Andrei Mironov as Bender
Anatoly Papanov as Vorobyaninov
Zinovy ​​Gerdt as author
Rolan Bykov as Fedor Priest
The characters:
Alexander Abdulov - Shchukin engineer
Tatiana Bozhok - Lisa
George Vitsin - master Bezenchuk
Dmitry Goshev - Kislarsky
Nelly Gosheva - Sashhen
Savely Kramarov - locksmith Polesov
Nina Lapshinova - wife of Fyodor prist
Vsevolod Larionov - Absalom Iznurenkov
Vera Orlova - Elena S. Bour
Pavel Pavlenko - guard of the club
Tatiana Peltzer - Madame Petukhova (Vorobyaninov’s mother-in-law) Victor Proskurin - Nicolay Kalachov
Mark Prudkin - Bartholomew Korobeinikov
Michael Svetin - Engineer Bruns
Nicholay Skorobogatov –Tikhon refuse-collector
Oleg Tabakov - Alchen "blue thief"
Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina - Madame Gritsatsuyeva
Elena Shanina - Ellochka-cannibal
The plot:
In the Soviet Union in 1927, a former member of the nobility, Ippolit Matveyevich Vorobyaninov, works as a desk clerk. His mother-in-law reveals on her deathbed that her family jewelry had been hidden from the Bolsheviks in one of the twelve chairs from the family’s dining room set. Those chairs, along with all other personal property, had been expropriated by the government after the Russian Revolution. He becomes a treasure hunter, and after the “smooth operator” and con-man Ostap Bender forces Kisa ("Pussy", Vorobyaninov’s funny childhood nickname, which Bender prefers) to partner with him, they set off to track down the chairs. This ultimately helps Kisa, who doesn’t possess Bender’s charm and is not as street-smart. The two "comrades" find the chair set which is put up for auction, but fail to buy it and afterwards find out that the set has been split up and sold individually. They are not alone in their quest. Father Fyodor took advantage of the deathbed...
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