The Trail of Macbeth

Topics: Macbeth Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: June 13, 2011
The Trial of Macbeth

Scene 1
In courtroom

Judge: Alright everyone in your seats, this court is now in session. On trail is the ghost of Macbeth under the case of the murder of King Duncan, who we have here with us today. Who is first to the stand for Macbeth? Macbeth’s Lawyer: Your honor I would like to call to the stands the ghost Lady Macbeth Judge: Alright, bring the woman up.

The ghost of Lady Macbeth proceeds to the stand, and says her oaths

Macbeth’s Lawyer: Now Lady Macbeth, do you believe that your husband should be on trial and did not kill King Duncan? Lady Macbeth: (While fidgeting) Well…my husband did not kill King Duncan, he would never do such a thing. He’s a coward you see; he would never have the guts to kill anyone! Macbeth’s Lawyer: Do you have any knowledge of where he was the night of the murder? Lady Macbeth: Why yes, he was with me of course… in our bedroom, we were sleeping of course! Macbeth’s Lawyer: No further questions your honor, it is easy to see the truth here. Judge: Does the opposing side have and questions for Lady Macbeth Duncan’s Lawyer: Yes your honor, I would like to start by asking Lady Macbeth as to why she passed away? Lady Macbeth: Well... ugh, you see. Well you don’t see… I died because I couldn’t handle being married to the King; it was to much social pressure. Duncan’s Lawyer: Are you sure about that Lady Macbeth?

Lady Macbeth: Ugh yes, I am…well.

The ghost of Lady Macbeth vanishes.

Duncan’s Lawyer: Your honor, as the witness has left abruptly, I believe that all her statements must be cleared. She can’t have been telling the truth. Judge: Well seeing as how she did not give a good reason for her disappearance, I am ordering that the statements from Lady Macbeth are cleared, and invalid. Who is next to the stands? Duncan’s Lawyer: I call to the stands the ghost of Banquo

Judge: Alright, bring Banquo up here then!

The ghost of Banquo says his oaths

Duncan’s Lawyer: Now Banquo, you used to be...
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