The Town of Center Grove

Topics: Income, Local government, Rates Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Cassidy Stiffler
Mr. Williams
American Lit Period: 5
23rd October 2012

The town of Center Grove

Should Center Grove become its own town? Or should Center Grove not become a town? This topic has been the center of much debate recently as can be seen by all of those signs in people’s yards. My neighbors on both sides of me have posted signs in the yards expressing their opinion on whether or not Center Grove should become a town. One neighbor has a sign in his yard that says “Vote YES”. My other neighbor has a sign that says “No for Center Grove”. The issue is in the minds of all the people in Center Grove and for some, it has become very divisive. In my opinion, Center Grove should not be a town. The main reason is to prevent the increase of property taxes. Center Grove as a town would have to increase property taxes for the following areas: Cost associated with establishment of a town government; Taking over the cost of the maintenance of roads and infrastructure. The result of increased property taxes will be the loss of personal income, and those on fixed retirement incomes will be impacted the most. Center Grove should not become a town because, if Center Grove becomes a town, the tax rate will be $.20 (per $100 net assessed value). When we compare, Franklin’s tax rate is 1.3893, Greenwood’s is .3748, Whiteland’s is .3941, and Bargersville’s is .7800, but if you add the rates of everything we need to become a town, the grand total of the tax rate will be $1.7797. This cost also includes White River Fire Department. Center Grove’s town budget will be $5,107,982 because it will include capital outlays, personal services, admin & supplies, and professional & contract services. If Center Grove becomes a town our revenue property tax will be 49%, but with Non-property tax will be 51%. The revenue – Non-property tax town budget will be $2,824,120, because it will include motor vehicle highway, riverboat, auto excise, wheel tax,...
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