The Three Day Blow

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  • Published : December 12, 2011
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Grade 10b- Schneider
October 30th . 2011

Analysis to “The Three Day Blow”
In Ernest Hemingway’s short story “The Three Day Brow” the author writes about two young boys that from the beginning of the story till the end they change their way of behavior. At first they act like old men. The reason why the Hemingway chose this behavior for the characters is to prepare them for the serious conversation that they know they have to talk . When two people meet and they do not have a specific issue to talk about or they don’t know how to open the conversation a typical and good way to start is talking about the weather. So did Bill and Nick. They open their conversation about the weather while they were standing outside. They noticed that was blowing and they knew that if they go inside they would talk about serious things. So the weather wasn’t so good for staying outside and finally forced them to continue inside the cottage. When they went inside they started drinking in the front of the fireplace. As we all know drinking is considered an adult habit. People drink to raise the adrenaline and as a result to feel better and warmer. The author obviously included the drink to make a more comfortable and suitable environment for them to discuss about the marriage. Lastly, as they were drinking and had nothing to do, they start talking about literature. They started a long conversation and discussed about the content of the common books they had read. Also they were talking about the authors of the books. This absorption that they have about this issue it seems like they have years in reading ,have many knowledge and are able to comment books and authors. Hemingway chose this issue for the characters to discuss because it seems a conversation for adults and also to make them more relevant with each other before they start talking about the serious...
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