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  • Published : October 4, 2009
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The text under analysis is an extract from Snow by Ann Beattie, an American short story writer and novelist, whose work has been compared to Alice Adams, J.D. Salinger, John Cheever, and John Updike. It is a piece of very intimate narration and may be considered even as the inner monologue of the author resembling a momentary picture of her precious memories. They are presented through a number of bright images with prevailing accent on snow, which determined the title of the story as well. Following the composition of the extract we can single out two parts of it with an evident contrast between them. This division is underlined by the author herself through the graphical organization of the text: the second part begins with a new paragraph. The two paragraphs also differ through the images presented in them. In the first one the attention is concentrated on the image of snow and its whiteness as the symbol of purity, innocence and love: "the day of the big snow", "in white towel turban", "a crazy king of snow", "knee-deep in snow", "and all that whiteness", "the newly fallen snow". These phrases are contrasted to the accent on darkness and night given in the second paragraph: "a small curve of light was shaved from the moon night after night", "the sky was black", "the chipmunk ran to hide in the dark", "one night". That's why the final part of the text is touched with a feeling of sadness and tense. The next difference lies in syntactic organization of the parts. The first one is marked by omitting predicates and usage of nouns followed by detached attributes, for example "you, in white towel turban", "headlights off, our car" or attributes in post-position, such as "king of snow", "the day of the big snow", "the idea of our being together" and participles in attributive function: "the man standing on the beach", "sand sparkling in the sun", "one bit glinting". This repetition of parallel constructions has a certain stylistic purpose: it strengthens the...
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