The Ten Years

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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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Ten Years After
January 22, 2012, I’m typing on a keyboard about ten years later of my life. The process of planning is a summary of the past and the process of weaving dreams. Ten years is just a suddenly gap. I can’t predict the future, but it can present me a clear understanding of myself. With the principles of objectivity, I try to weave the dream of my 2022. Through the four years of college, I should have obtain four years of specialized study, a solid professional foundation, and a strong language skill. Of course, a solid document writing and the strong organizaiton skills are needed too. Also, I had learn the second technique, like proficiency in microsoft office and database management systems. I’m a freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University. Now, everyday I either stay in the classroom or in the dorm and this will be continue for the rest of my college life. But what will it be like after I graduate from college, or after ten years Criminal Justice is the major that I’m learning now, which means that I would later work undertaken and this is very likely related to my career. Three years later, I officially graduated from college, and set foot into the community. Of course, my first thing is to find a job. With the major of Criminal Justice, the scope of employment is very broad. I would choose a fledgling basis for comparison of the start, so maybe I was working for others, with a very modest salary. But I believe it will only be temporary, perhaps ten years later I would be someone else’s leader and receive a satisfactory salary. Ten years later, I’m no longer like now. I would leave the state which I have live for many years. By the time I have my career and family, I will not be chatting with my friends all day long, talking about games or girls. I will try to complete my work, and put more efforts on to pursuit my own goals, and to become a truly successful man. After a decade, I had work for few years and maintain some work......
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