The Symbolic Meaning of Color in China and Western Countries

Topics: Culture, Western culture, Russia Pages: 6 (2022 words) Published: May 12, 2012
The symbolic meaning of the color word of between China and western countries

Summary: Show in the Chinese-English language the words of different colors or color is very abundant. We not merely should pay attention to observing themselves' basic meaning, should paying attention to the deep and broad symbolic meaning of their meaning even more, because their symbolic meaning often has different characteristics in different national languages, some characteristics even form people to the advocating and taboo of the color after guiding stretching , transferred meaning. The difference of symbolic meanings of the color between such different culture is because of each national difference and producing of historical background , aesthetic psychology of culture, sanctified by usage in the sediment of development , history in the society, it is a kind of permanent culture phenomenon. The angle that this text attempts to compare from Chinese and Western culture with analysis, probe into various nationalities' culture to develop the impact on symbolic meaning of the color word.

The human language is extensive and profound, different countries, the unique glamour that different and national color words demonstrate, make people regard with special esteem. In Great Britain's Chinese-English language, all very abundant to displaying different colors or the word of the color. We not merely want to understand their each one's own basic meaning, should pay attention to the deep and broad symbolic meaning of their meaning even more. Because often there are different characteristics in different national languages in symbolic meanings of the color, some characteristics have not represented the meaning of its word itself yet, but guide stretching, transferred meaning to it.

First , midwest square color word because of our country and hopeless the greater part English country ten thousand li apart objective cause , symbolic meaning of difference, in the geographical position , scene that history aches , very great difference exists aesthetically psychologically, so the feeling of seeking the color word will not be the same. The symbolic meaning that a color word shows will be various naturally . This text will do some brief contrasts and discussions on the color of the word and symbolic meaning difference in Chinese and Western culture. By the look of definition of the color, color through eyes brain and people a kind of vision effect to the light experience of life produce, it is a vision phenomenon launched , reflecting or causing through certain light wave by the object, it is a kind of basic domestic animal of the human eye vision . About the definition of, it is relatively short to going through the time of the feudal society, and in nearly modern science is popularized and the west of development says at full speed, it is easier they accepted. The west relatively pays attention to the analysis things with rational science from the beginning, display it to the objective world and realistic scientific attitude known objectively. So, the symbolic meaning of the color is often more direct in western culture, generally symbolize some abstract cultural meaning with the concrete color of objective things For example: Western culture " getting red " to point color of " blood " but blood surge forward life liquid of the human body among the mind in westerner mainly, once the blood trickles, the life stops , so, the red make people associate it with the violence , dangerous, thus produced to the red taboo. Western Sinologist translate " Dream of the Red Chamber " may because of the fact that consider " red " make them is it bleed to associate it with, so adopted title " the stone is written " that the novel had used originally, English meant story of the stone to compare with the western civilization, Chinese culture is of long standing and...
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