The Sun Smelled to Loud

Topics: Drinking culture, Alcoholism, Alcohol abuse Pages: 11 (3625 words) Published: May 29, 2013
The Sun Smelled to Loud; College Student’s Drinking Behaviors


Underage drinking is a major issue throughout universities and colleges across the United States. Whether underage or of age, college students, regardless, will find a way to consume alcohol. College campuses are known for partying and drinking being the key activity implemented. However, what are the reasons college students drink and how often do they consume alcoholic beverages? We used accumulated survey data collected from student volunteers attending St. Thomas Aquinas College in Rockland County, NY via Facebook, a social media networking website.

The survey administered depicted drinking behaviors amongst college students who reside on campus and college students who commute to campus; taking gender, age, and drinking habits into consideration. Finding convey that more commuting students were represented than resident students. Females and males that participated in this survey, with the population reporting that the majority represents more females than males, are primarily represented by students the age of twenty-one years or older, legally by law able to consume alcohol. More times than none, to loosen up and relax was the main reason for drinking alcohol with the majority consuming between one and seven drinks each week.


Every fall, students return to college campuses for yet another year of learning; or do they? Throughout various universities and colleges scattered throughout the United States alcohol plays a huge role in the life of a college student. Whether alcohol is used by a student in college who is under the legal drinking age of twenty one or by legal aged drinkers, there are several hazards linked with drinking and living directly and indirectly in a college environment. Distinctively speaking, what would be the difference between college students who live on campus opposed to those who commute to classes daily? The differences of where a student lives has much influence over a student’s drinking behavior.

Even before college, well before the legal drinking age, students develop their own idea of what future alcohol use will be like, they anticipate the day that they will be able to drink (Chassin, L, DeLucia, C). College is an eighteen year olds source of freedom. When a student chooses to go away to college, they gain even more freedoms than the non-residing college student. They are away from their guardians and living for the most part on their own. Despite the set of rules, regulations, and enforcers of said rules and regulations; most colleges issue student handbooks, and have campus security, housing professionals, and resident assistants, the majority of a student’s time is spent unsupervised.

Alcohol can be a highly dangerous substance if abused. There are many reasons why students in college drink alcohol. Peer pressure, low self-esteem, or even to fit into a social group are a few reasons as to why a student might start drinking (Chassin, L, DeLucia). Underage drinkers as well as legal age drinkers have diverted alcohol from its original purpose with modern twists on drinking to get drunk and getting drunk fast and staying drunk for long period of time. Ellen O’Connell (2001) conducted a survey with results showing that fifty percent of people between the ages of eighteen and twenty are ranked second in using alcohol heavily. Twenty one to twenty five year olds ranked first.

The use of alcohol can be dated back to the earliest of times throughout the world. Along with diverse immigrants settling the new land came their drinking habits too (Lender, M, Martin, J). Alcohol was used for various means and served many purposes such as showing agreement over important business deals, celebrating important events, shared as a token of appreciated for helping someone, and used while talking over and settling arguments. According to Koroknay, Alcohol was a big part of Colonial America...
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