The Structure and Layout of Local Government

Topics: Local government, Sweden, Taxation in the United Kingdom Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Changes in local government recently have occurred in 2009 much of England has the two tier system of local government the changes that were proposed where to change multiple counties from the two tier system to a unitary status of the proposed areas the shortlist made was Cornwall, Durham, Northumberland, Shropshire, Wiltshire and later Cheshire. However after these changes where implemented the central government implemented the Local Government Act 2010 halted and stopped and current or future proposals for a change in local government structure. Lord McKenzie of Luton said “shut out Exeter and Norwich from the opportunity to become unitary councils in an arrogant, dictatorial and brutal way" Why don’t people care about local government?

The local government system lacks the “glamour” of the central government system where the national issues ore decided and receives more media coverage this is also compounded by the fact that local governments can go a long amount of time of not changing or addressing any local issues for a number of months. Another reason is that the local government has a poor image in the public view due to the more than often one party dominance and that the local government has been accused of preforming poorly in various events such as land deals and sleaze. This has also been compounded by the fact that the media only focuses on the negative stories that occur in the local government as little is done that is deemed “exiting”. The turnout rates of local government rates have been known to have low turnout as the issues are not announced and so it can be accounted that the public are simply not aware of the voting issues that take place the turnout rate for the police and crime commissioner elections were at the lowest turnout ever ad 15% at its highest this was due to a the public knowledge of the people standing for election not just apathy.

Financing current the local government if funded by the council tax which is based on the...
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