The Stroop Effect

Topics: Brain, Visual perception, Human brain Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: May 15, 2013
5/03/2013 Psychology
The Stroop effect The human brain constantly responds to a lot of inputs of sensory information. Our brain tends to manages this by responding to one or more input(stimulus) at a time such is listening to music while watching tv, or ignoring inputs such as the background noise from the tv. But, sometimes our brain might have a hard time efficiently processing inputs of sensory information that clash with each other. This was demonstrated in research conducted by an American psychology John Ridley Stroop. (Psychology VCE students units 1 and 2) The stroop effect is the effect of which the brains reaction time is slowed down when it deals with conflicting information. The delayed reaction time happens because of an interference or a processing delayed which is most likely to be caused by incompatible function in the brain. Stroop figured that the participants in his research took a longer time or made errors when the colour of the word was different to the word it self. The finding later when on to be called the stroop effect. (Psychology VCE students units 1 and 2). Visual Perception has a lot to do with the stroop effect. Visual perception Is the process of the brain in which it enables us to interpret visual stimuli, it is what enables us to interpret the information from the light reaching to our eyes. This is also called eyesight. There are 6 main process involved in our vision: Reception, Transduction, Transmission, Selection, Organisation and Interpretation. (psychology VCE students units 1 and 2) The aim of the stroop effect experiment is to determine whether naming the colour of printed word will interfere with naming the colour it self It is hypothesised that 16 participants from a tear 11 psychology class will take longer and make more errors in condition 2 than...
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