The Story of Elizabeth Bennet and Her Family: "Pride and Prejudice"

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Pride and Prejudice

Pride and prejudice is a novel wrote by Jane Austen. The book was published in 1819, is based in the English society of the XIX century, when the dream of every mother was to see her daughter engaged.

The book, tells the story of Elizabeth Bennett and her family, a family composed by a mother, a father and fife daughters. After the arrival of the nobles Mr Bingley, his sister and his best friend Mr Darcy, Mrs Bennet decides that the time has came to have a married daughter. The story turns to a situation where the prejudice is in each character all the time, the country life become a life where appearances is the most important for each family except for Elizabeth, who is always attached to her pride which makes here each time more disappointed of the world she lives in.

The book is really funny and interesting because the mixture between the high society of England in XIX century and it’s fancy and super respectful speech, and the prejudices of each individual when new characters appear and they base all their thoughts in the appearances. It is also interesting because you learn about this age and the manners, and also because the amount of problems that there appear like premature pregnancy, love between different social classes, the betrayal, lies, and so on.

I hope everybody could read this book, it sounds maybe like a total cliché, but when you start reading you discover that is the opposite and is pretty amazing.

Tomás Flórez Calle
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