The Spiritual Living

Topics: Jesus, Thou, God Pages: 5 (2019 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Scripture Reading: Galatians 2:14-21
“God created man in His own image…” Genesis 1:27
And God created man. A creation created not to live in congruence of Him, but created to live in the likeness of Him. God created man. A creation designed not for an attribution of a complete equality with Him. Indeed, the great God created man! As a Master who needs not another master, but a disciple; as a King who needs not another king, but a servant; as a Bridegroom who needs not another bridegroom, but a bride; as a Father who needs not another father, but a child; then so is our great God, who needs not another god, but man. Indeed, God created man, not god. But behold how wonderful a manner of love, that Thou hast attributed thy creation in accordance to Thine image! And God created man in His own image! No other creation has been made with the like glory of that unto man; but his beauty greatly blooms that even other creations fall up with much infatuation as they behold man in the image of the wonderful God. And yet by this beauty, sin is aroused in greater indignation. Perhaps, man, being like God in image yet is sin in nature, have come short to the perfect glory of God. But it is God’s purpose that no man would boast. For God never desires that man may be all-powerful as He is all-powerful, but that they may have all-power in Him. God never desires that man may be eternal as He is eternal, but that they may have eternity in Him. And God never desires that man may be God as He is God, but that they may have God in Him. Because God desires that we may live in His likeness, revealing His manifestation in all that we do; not just in the gifts that we receive, but of the fruits that we produce. We are not the Bread of Life, but with the same feeding for the Bread, we are to feed others. We are not the Living Water, but with the same drinking for the Water, we are to let others drink. As we cannot stand in the sun for a shelter, but can dwell in the light of the sun and not be burned; so are we who can by no means become God but by any means abide in God. O children of man, we are not the Way, but we are to lead others to the Way, as we are in the Way. We are not the Truth, but we are to teach others in the Truth, as we are in the Truth. We are not the Life, but we are to bring others into the Life, as we are in the Life. Indeed, we are not God, but God delights of making Himself to be revealed in us. This is the perfect conformity in the likeness of God; to remember who He is, and to believe. Forgetting about self and magnify His name are the keys. For the remembrance of God’s testimonies is the revival of the ultimate goal. Thus, yesterday, God created man in His image; but today, God is creating man in His likeness. “…but Crist live in me…” Galatians 2:20

To imitate is never a way to become like Jesus. No one can imitate Jesus, lest one may boast. And not by human effort that the holy person of Christ be attributed unto us. For what perfection is manifest from the imperfect flesh of man? And yet by grave, Christ has wrought the source of imperfection to the grave that man may find perfection in Him. Brethren, take heed, to become like Jesus is not by doing but by abiding. For what is total surrender if one strives of becoming like Thee? O what is complete trust if one persists of imitating Thee? And what is absolute believing if one perseveres of seeing oneself as Thee? But be it thy utmost desire to abide in Thee. For of whom is the recognition of the branch apart from the Vine? Whom is the recognition of the sheep apart from the Shepherd? And of whom is the recognition of the Christian apart from Christ? For there is not one who can live in the likeness of Jesus apart from Jesus. Therefore, the LORD, all can imitate not, lest one may boast. For how can a man become as God if he was created as man? But even to the extent of imitating, one may reveal the image of God but that in the glory of man. As a preaching that speaks of...
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