The Spectacular for Me

Topics: Homosexuality, LGBT, Gay Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: December 29, 2012
Having an "ambiguous" sexuality makes him unwelcome in the society where he lives in. It really came to a point he did not mingle to anybody else most of the time; for he does not want to feel being discriminated especially if it is public. For him, it is a sort of humiliation which he actually the thing he feels afraid of.

His life has been unusual. It is very challenging for him to live according what his nature wants to be. " It takes more time before I could make certain adjustments that they may feel glad of me." I once heard this statement form him. The sorrow, solitude, regret and hopelessness he is usually experiencing have turned him numb. Every word that comes out his mouth seems only he who could hear. It is such residing in an island full of sadness, whispering at his self instead calling others to listen up.

The man I met is not talkative; he is quite shy- the way he talks, moves, and acts. I could see in his eyes the notion of perseverance to overcome "it" though he looks so down. The way he was telling his experiences sounds not lively. In fact, anyone would try to listen to him may make his tears fall down. Obviously, it is dimness that covers him. The gleaming sun that will give him with excessive light might have been behind that darkness waiting for his call of reinforcement. Emotionally, problem is difficult to remedy unless heart finds already the thing that will relieve its pain. Our feelings may get hurt if we also let our hearts in pain. Therein begins an emotionally extreme problem which engages us in distress.

There are people who cannot accept homosexuals. They are insisting that there are only two sexuality- male and female. How about the renown homosexuality, gay and lesbian? I remember when one says this: " Homosexuals are not creations of God. There is no such "term" as stated in the Bible, merely men and women." Although it is somewhat true biblically, the reality that they are here living with us cannot hide the truth....
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