The Source of Happy Ending

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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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The Source of Happy Ending

The prince took the princess to the great castle; they got married and lived happily ever after; everyone was very happy. An orphan boy had gone through 30 years of suffering, finally found his lost parents. The patient was a very optimistic person; she defeated the disease that was originally diagnosed as having no cure. Happy endings always satisfy and give deep impression to readers. Have you ever wondered how come fairy tales and short stories almost always end with a happy ending? All the happy endings consist of an essential gist which includes a character who has a possession of strict morality and brings a profound message to the readers. The Inspiration of Mr. Budd by Dorothy L. Sayers is a precise example of morality can leads to a happy ending. This story carries a deep message of “knowledge is power” through the main character, Mr. Budd. His loyalty, calm disposition, and intelligent idea that led to the arrest definitely affects the readers. It pointed out a very positive message, which is a transgressor can never escape from accusation and punishment.

A brief introduction of The Inspiration of Mr. Budd can shows clearly that Sayers had a great use of created suspense in the short story as well as reversed the suspicious plot in to a humorous comedy ending. When Mr. Budd finally convinced himself the “customer” was actually the wanted man around the nation; he came up with many strange ideas of how to capture the murderer. Dorothy Sayers has given the readers mach room for imagination and expectation of how the story is going to end. The “inspiration” of Mr. Budd, which is to dye the murderer’s hair green like a parrot, also keeps as a secret throughout the story. The irony at the ending even surprised the readers more. Mr. Budd dyed the “customer’s” hair green instead of the dark brown color that he prescribed. He was afraid about losing his reputation because the hair salon he owns is already very little. However,...
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