The Soul of Black Folk and Up from Slavery

Topics: Alter ego, Id, ego, and super-ego, Schizophrenia Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Multiaxial Assessment
Axis I: Clinical Disorder(s)
Hadden Clark was diagnosed by a naval psychiatrist as showing signs of paranoid schizophrenic. Axis II: Personality Disorders/Mental Retardation
Hadden Clark showed signs of being paranoid, schizoid, and borderline through his actions such as stealing and vandalizing cars, alter ego Kristen, not being able to keep jobs, not showing emotions towards his murder victims, and not having a care about people surrounding him or his own self Axis III: General Medical Conditions:

The medical conditions pertaining to Hadden Clark involved brain damage, forcep damage, black outs, and the issue of not being age to speak until the age of 6. Axis IV: Psychosocial/Environmental Information:

a. Primary support group: Hadden Clark’s primary support group consisted of his mother, whom was a socialite, his father, whom was a chemical engineer and very smart, and two older brothers, a younger sister, and a younger brother. His family was in the upper middle class, and they were a prominent family. b. Social Environment: Hadden Clark was looked at as the neighborhood oddball. He had little to no friends. He also had an alter ego by the name of Kristen. c. Education: Clark graduated from high school and then went on to attend a top culinary school. He was a gifted chess player within in school years. d. Occupational: Clark’s occupation consisted of him being a chef, a ice sculptor, going to the Olympics, and he also worked in the bagel shop. Clark had a hard time keeping jobs and was fired from majority, if not all of them. Clark joined the navy for a short period of time until he was kicked out. e. Housing: Clark was homeless and resided in an elaborate setup in the woods that he created. f. Economics: Clark allegedly had at least $40,000 in the bank. g. Access to Healthcare: There was no proof or signs of access to healthcare. h. Legal System: Hadden Clark was in and out of jail throughout his life...
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