The Solving of Stonehenge

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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The Solving of Stonehenge
The monument known as Stonehenge has been standing for hundreds of years in England. The mysteries surrounding the monument are seemingly never ending and always changing or being revised. Researchers and archeologists are constantly looking for, studying, and digging for the answers to Stonehenge’s many mysteries. In light of that, the research and scholarship surrounding Stonehenge seems also to be never ending. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the history behind the monument, past theories of Stonehenge, as well as the latest and up-to-date findings by researchers in order to sort the legitimate theories from the outdated and inaccurate ones to develop a better understanding of Stonehenge itself, its architects, and its purpose. Introduction

Stonehenge has been a mystery for several thousand years, and there are many myths that surround it. People have speculated and formed many opinions about who made it. There is also a lot of confusion surrounding how it got here. Did whoever build it do it quickly, did it take many generations of one particular tribe, or was it many generations of work by different tribes? This paper will discuss and attempt to answer those questions. It becomes interesting to try and figure out what purpose Stonehenge serves. The research, opinions, myths, and new discoveries are endless. There are so many opinions because Stonehenge’s discovery dates back to 2,500 BC. With that large gap of time from then to now, it is hard to pull up any solid evidence or hard facts.
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