The Smart Cookie

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Paola Jimenez
Mrs. Williams
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November 5, 2012
“A Smart Cookie”

The passage “A Smart Cookie,” from The House on Mango Street is about a mother who made a choice early in her life which negatively impacted her future. All of us make choices that set the course of our lives. This statement means that the decisions that we make determine our future because there are consequences for our actions which follow us, for a lifetime.

First of all, the statement “all of us make choices that set the course of our lives,” applies to the choice that the mother made early in her life to quit school because she didn’t have nice clothes. However, she knew she was a smart cookie then. She knew two languages and could sing an opera with “velvety lungs powerful as morning glories”. Also, she knew how to fix a TV, and how to draw with a needle and thread. With these skills, the mother could have chosen a productive career.

Second, the choice that she could have made is to continue school and go to college to be a professional. It shouldn’t matter if you don’t have nice clothes or if others around you make fun of you for that reason. However, those issues do matter to a teenager to have self-respect and to be proud of who they are. Although, adults can see the lack of importance about such things, teenagers sometimes need adults to guide them through difficult times maybe Esperanza’s mother didn’t have the guidance.

Finally, the mother’s life would be different if she had made the choice to stay in school because she was an incredible student with abilities. Her life would be different because in the future she could have a talented singer or famous artist by painting. The she would have self-esteem and self-respect as well as money to support her daughter.

In conclusion, “A Smart Cookie” is a valuable story because it reminds us all how decisions can change our live and how they to set the course of our lives. Everyone should realize that poor decisions...
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