The Sitting Bull

Topics: Sioux, Sitting Bull, Lakota people Pages: 6 (2441 words) Published: December 2, 2012
I believe the author’s purpose of this book was to show that Sitting Bull was a very intriguing individual not only as an Indian but a human as well. I think the author chose this to illustrate the sacrifices it takes to be a leader of a nation. He displayed Sitting Bulls attributes that really separates him from most people but also depicts that he is human and makes mistakes and let his flaws get in the way of his thinking at times. I believe that we should study Sitting Bull more closely to examine and possibly just how one can possess such supernatural abilities while being human to create a dominant culture. Sitting Bull had a tremendous effect on us today and really makes you think about the leaders that we have today not only historically but politically as well. 1. American nationalism did have to come to an expense of cultural diversity for several reasons. Because nationalism is the desire for national advancement or independence, a country or tribe cannot be both. A prime example as to why nationalism came to the expense of cultural diversity was when American who were clearly and completely different than sitting bull and his tribe. Per usual the Americans tried to taking over and attempted to conquer his land and he was going to allow that to happen without a fight. The end result wound up costing him his life because he was defending his religion and his people as well as his land but that is sometimes the price you have to pay when you are attempting to be independent and free from rule. 2. I believe the author considers sitting bull a hero for many reasons. Those reasons being that although sitting bull was a very peculiar yet special individual in good and bad ways at the end of the day he stood up for what he believed in fought for what was right in his eyes. He had a tremendous amount of disappointments he prevailed and eventually became successful. Gary C. Anderson believes he became the symbol of opposition to a government policy of assimilation, or cultural conformity that sought as its goal the destruction of a people and their identity. Sitting bull was more than just a person he was a person with an agenda to provide for his people and always lookout for them whenever necessary. Whatever needed to be done was done. He truly set a precedent in American society for standing up for what you believe in, which is a motto a lot of people live by today which is why there are so many controversial matters in the world that cannot be resolved because no one knows what the right answer is but as long as a person believe in their heart that something is right and continues to fight for what they believe in that’s all that matters. 3. (A) The Sioux nation was very closing knit and tight. As always they looked out for one another. When hunting for food there main source was the buffalo. When that wasn’t available they acquired plants as a smaller food source. Within the nation there were several different tribes, seven to be exact. The reason for the division in the tribe where to protect the buffalo because that was there main source of food. They established leaders who ran the sub tribes which interned created the beginning of the political realm in this nation. (B) The factors that declined twenty years later were the rate at which the buffalo was kilt. This was major because multiple reactions occurred. With the buffalo being kilt this affected the Sioux food source. That was there major source of food and no longer had a major animal as it primary food. It also affected the shelter in which the Sioux used. They would often times use the buffalos skin as shelter around their housing arrangements and there clothing. In addition another reason why the decline of the Sioux occurred was the disease brought in by the white America. The Indians weren’t used to whatever they had with them and thus caused a major epidemic of deaths. Finally the last factor that contributed to the decline of the...
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