The Sins of Fathers Must Be Visited Upon by Subsequent Generations

Topics: The Count of Monte Cristo, Love, Poison Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: March 27, 2013
“The Sins of Fathers Must be Visited Upon by Subsequent Generations”
The Count of Monte Cristo once said that “the sins of fathers must be visited upon by subsequent generations.” After seeing the effects that revenge could have on the innocent, the Count of Monte Cristo realized that people should not be punished for previous generations’ mistakes and sins.

One of the men who betrayed the Count was Fernand de Morcef, a man madly in love with Mérecédes, Edmond Dantes’ fiancée. The Count was determined to seek revenge on all of his traitors, and Fernand was one of them. In the process of revenge on Fernand, he had to duel Albert de Morcef, Fernand’s son, since Albert was infuriated at the Count for destroying his father’s honor. Although Albert had done nothing to hurt the Count, Monte Cristo was forced to accept. Mércedés begged to the Count, pleading to him to spare her son’s life. The Count of Monte Cristo then saw that Albert did not deserve to die, and he was willing to give up his own life in order to save Albert’s.

The Count further realized how mistaken he was when he said that future generations of wrongdoers should be punished when Valentine, another innocent individual, was almost killed. The Count had taken advantage of Madame de Villefort’s murderous intent and trained her in the art of poisoning. In return, she poisoned her entire family. Valentine was one of the people she had tried to kill, but the Count had been looking over her and slowly building up her immunization against the poison beforehand. The poison, however, was lethal and she barely survived. Valentine had done nothing against the Count, and he himself not only saved her life, but also reunited her with her true love, Maxmillian. She had done nothing in her life to deserve to die, and the Count realized that, but because of his plot for revenge, she was almost killed.

Edouard, Valentine’s younger brother, was also vastly and permanently affected because of the Count’s thirst...
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