The Singer Solution to World Poverty

Topics: Poverty, Donation, The Reader Pages: 2 (796 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Poverty is an issue that faces us every single day, and will not go away with time. There is a lot of poverty in the world, but there are some countries that the level of poverty is higher such as Haiti, Africa, and Nigeria. It is terrible how there is thousands of people out there who need from our help. Poverty is the children down the street who go to bed hungry each night. Poverty is my neighbor who had her heat shut off this past winter, but Poverty is preventable. In the Article “The Singer Solution to World Poverty” the author Singer argues that there is no reason why Americans don’t donate money if they can afford countless of luxuries that are not essential to their lives and health. Singer’s solution is suggesting every America to stop using money to buy anything that they do not need and donate the saved money to all kinds of charities. I believe that Singer’s plan is a great idea and should come into effect as soon as possible.

The Singer Solution to World Poverty” addresses the urgency for a more generous world. Peter Singer presents lots of valid points within his work to the manner that incite one to question his morals and ethics. He states the gift of donation in an eccentric but motivating way. The purpose of “The Singer Solution to World Poverty” is to encourage the reader to change his aspect and consider the idea that he can contribute to those impoverished people of the world. In other words, Singer is writing to any person with the ability to donate. In this passage, he makes it clear that everyone has the opportunity to make a difference is other’s lives. And the facts that he uses are very connected to the way of a person’ thinking; making his arguments connect on a personal level. With the author and reader connected on a personal level, Singer’s arguments have a stronger effect. Singer asserts that“$200 in donations would help a sickly 2-year-old transform into a healthy 6-year-old”. He later calls the reader to action by saying,...
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