The Significance of Jocasta

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The Significance of Jocasta

The significance of Jocasta is portrayed throughout the tragedic play as she provides support for Oedipus as she influences his decisions. During the kings journey to finding out his past, Jocasta tries to influence Oedipus to stop his urge to find out more information. Jocasta tells him "Why should anyone in this world be afraid"(51). In this part of the play the king is on the verge of finding out his father and Jocasta knows that the truth would do Oedipus no good so she tries to stop him. She is trying Oedipus to not be afraid of the future and not worry about what would happen. Her next quote stating " Since Fate rules us and nothing can be foreseen"(51) tells Oedipus that he can't predict the future. Oedipus is getting worried and scared but Jocasta assures him that why should there be fear. This goes back to Jocasta having 1/3 of the power and her influence as the queen of Thebes. Jocasta is a very assuring character who changes Oedipus's descions.

The key to Jocasta changing the king's choices lies in her amount of power in the government. From being the Queen of Thebes she gains that level of respect which Oedipus must follow. But Oedipus is very reluctant and doesn't follow what the queen say. Jocasta counsels Oedipus by saying " A ma should live only for present day"(51). This alludes back to my statement in the first paragraph stating that Jocasta feels to not worry about the future and spend every minute how it is. In her other quote " No reasonable man should be troubled by suck things. She is stating that nobody shout suffer with what Oedipus is going hrought. All in all Jocasta's significance is great and it vital to Oedipus Rex.
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