The Shakespeare Plays

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Top Plays of Shakespeare
By: Sajad

The has chosen these plays as the top. Our decisions has not been involved in doing so.

5. Much Ado About Nothing: This play is set in the palace of the governor of Messina in Italy. The governor, Leonato has one daughter named hero. The story starts in a party at Leonato’s palace in order to celebrate the victory of the Great War with the soldiers of Don Pedro. Claudio is the hero of the war who has felt in love with Hero, although he is not capable of expressing his feelings. Don John is dying of jealousy; therefore he is trying to prevent this relationship. In the end they fall in love, however Don Johns plans workout, causing the two lovers to brake up. Although they returned together in the end.

4. Julio Caesar: In this time, the Roman general, Caesar has returned from a successful military campaign against his defeated rival Pompey in a civil war. On the same day, Cesar participates in the traditional festival of Lupercal, where he receives a warning from the Soothsay about the ideas of March. Cassius intendeds to persuade Brutus to turn against Caesar. This results an agreement to meet again. A letter from the Cassius finalized the plans with Brutus in March fifteenth. Although Caesar planed to stay in the palace, conspirators changed his mind. Caesar died by the attack of a dagger. After Caesars death, there was a fight for power between Antony, Ocatvuis and Lepidus against Brutus and Cassius whose relations were decreasing. The second group lost the fight due to bad strategy. However, Brutus’s burial was honorable.

3. Macbeth: In the start, Macbeth who was returning from a successful mission in the war of Scottish and Norwegians meets three witches that told him “ you would become king”. He did not get persuaded. Although later on, Macbeth believed in the witches as their predictions started to occur in reality. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth found a wonderful opportunity to...
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