The Sea Inside

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  • Published : November 20, 2011
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The Sea Inside

The film The Sea Inside shares the heart warming real life story of a man named Ramon Sampedro. At the young age of twenty-six he suffered an accident while diving into shallow waters of the ocean that left him a quadriplegic. Now at the age of fifty-four, Ramon must depend on his family to survive. His older brother Jose, Jose’s wife, Manuela and their son Javi do their best to take care of Ramon and make him feel loved. Although Ramon is extremely grateful to his family and friends for their help all these years, he has come to see his life as aggravating and unsatisfying. He wishes to die with the little dignity he has left in his life. However, Ramon’s family is dead set against the thought of assisted suicide and the laws of their country would incriminate anyone who helped Ramon end his on life. Through his friend Gene who works with a “Right to Die” organization, Ramon is introduced to Julia; a lawyer he hopes will help him persuade the courts to let him end his own life. Julia is dealing with her own degenerative disease of CADASIL syndrome, and Ramon hopes her condition will make her arguments more persuasive. Ramon finds himself falling in love with Julia, but he still remains convinced that the greatest gift to him would be an end to his life. In the end, the courts did not rule in his favor, but Ramon was able to end his life by drinking potassium cyanide. Many people around the world suffer their whole lives without being able to live life to the fullest due to degenerative diseases or in cases like Ramon, an accident has left them bedridden and in need of constant outside care. Almost all of the people in these cases have at some point contemplated the ideas of assisted suicide or euthanasia. Euthanasia can be described as the act or practice of ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal illness by lethal injection or medical treatment. Similarly, assisted suicide can be broadly defined as the process in which a...
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