The Scientific School of Thought vs the Behaviourist School of Thought.

Topics: Management, Scientific management, Organization Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: October 5, 2011
The Scientific School of thought Vs The Behaviourist School of thought.

Management is said to have no fixed definition, but different authorities on management have different views on it. The foundations of organizational behavior are based on the theories of two classical management entrepreneurs, F W Taylor and Henri Fayol[->0], these management theorists, although focusing on different aspects of Classical Management and organization have been fused as central and essential theories in Organizational behavior. The Scientific management which bases on the Classical Taylorism theory produced by Fedrick Taylor in 1880’s and 1890’s is distinctive from what Fayol contributed towards Behaviourist management also known as Administrative management. Both these theories are of great importance and thus, beneficial however with a couple of criticisms attributed to both. Even today a number of significant businesses evolve around these two management theories and thus, its implementation and outcomes are also observed in the modern world today. Although there are many other theories on management that include; Bureaucratic Organization of Weber. The Neo-Classical Theory that includes the Human Relations Movement of Mayo along with others like Roethsilberger and Dickson and the Behavioural Schools of Maslow, McGregor, Herzberg, Argyris, etc. There also exists another theory known as The Modern Management Theory. Taylor mainly concentrated on work organization such as productive efficiency whereas Fayol particularly focused on authority and its implementation/fulfilment. Taylorism is often mentioned with regard to Fordism, as it was closely associated with mass production methods in factories which was observed in Ford productions as well. Whereas Fayolism advocated a consistent set of principles that all organizations would generally apply/require/need to run effectively/properly. Frederick Winslow Taylor is considered to be the person who introduced Scientific...
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