The Science Behind Love

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The Science Behind Love
What is this thing called love? There are so many definitions that people can come up with for love. Some are easy to understand while others do not make that much sense. Many people think that love is something that happens in a split of a second. Actually what people don’t know about love is that it does not happen in a split of a second. Psychologists and scientists have said that in order for someone to fall in love, it would take at least 90 seconds to 4 minutes (Fisher, 2004). Many studies have been done to prove that the brain of the individual that is in love goes through a weird domino effect. It produces certain chemicals that make the individual act strange when the person is in love. It has also been said that in a way, science can help people that are in relationships (The evolution of romance, 2007). So the main questions would be that what are the chemicals that make a person in love and what are the tips that science can offer to benefit the relationships of people who are in love? Many people have this one question in their mind: what is love? What is the full definition of it? There is no one definite definition for it but one can conclude that love is something magical and it is something that everyone experiences in their life at one point. So what does love do to a person? How does it make them feel physically, emotionally, and mentally? When a person is in love, physically it does not really do that much. It does not change how to person looks or anything. What love does to a person is more mental and emotional changes. Mentally what love does to a person is that it makes them crazy; in other words, it makes them do some weird things (Middleton & Anderson, 2006). Emotionally what love does to a person is that it makes them love someone else who is their everything in their life. At times it is weird how a person who is so much in love acts; they would say stupid things and do stupid things too (Thorton, Carmody, 2010). Many studies have been done to show that love does not involve just the heart. It also involves the brain. Actually the brain does play a huge part in the whole sequence of love. In other words, it goes through some weird domino effect that no one had ever thought about. Researchers have found out that there are these certain chemicals, or more like hormones, that are produced in the body which are sent to the brain (Murphy, 2001). These certain chemicals would be oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. The parts of the brain that these chemicals play on the most would be the hippocampus and the thalamus (Murphy, 2001).

There are many differences that can be said between men and women when they are in love. According to researchers, they say that women are more willing to make a change in the relationship while at times, men are just there. Men do some things to make a relationship work but not as much as the women would do it. Now researchers are wondering is it because of the chemicals that are in the brain that is making the women act much differently than the men. Researchers have also found out the in women, there is a higher amount of serotonin and dopamine but in men, there is a higher level of oxytocin (Young, 2009). It is due to the cause that since women produce estrogen where men produce testerone so it is due to these factors that men and women have different levels of these three chemicals that help play the role of love (Young,2009).

They also those animals also have many differences among the humans. It is true that animals do experience love just the way that humans do and to some extent, they also have the same chemicals in their brains as well but not as much as the humans do (Rooks,2009).

So what kind of love has to happen in order for the brain to be the major factor in the love process? Researchers have concluded that it can be almost any type of love. It can...
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