The Scarlet Letter

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Sabrina Chaffins
AP World History
Mrs. James
Compare and Contrast Essay

Imperial Administration in the Han Empire and Imperial Rome

In the ancient times of our world, two very powerful empire/dynasties arose. Han china and Imperial Rome came to be two of the biggest empires that the ancient world had ever known. Both areas conquered vast areas of the eastern hemisphere, however their techniques differed. Although Han China and Imperial Rome were similar in that they both had strong militaries, ultimately they are more different because of political structure and economic abilities.

Both of these brilliant empires had strong ecomomic influences. That is how why they had so much control over the the European and Asian continents. Han China and Imprial Rome both provided those continents with a strong economic health. By providing such health, these two empires had much more control over the regions that were there because those regions depended on the Han and Rome. Without those empires the little countries would collapse. So the Han and Roman Empires actually had more control over their trading countries because they could decide whether or not they survived.

However, the Han and Roman Empires were not always similar. These two differed in their political approach to administrate their imperialistic valuse onto other regions. The Romans granted citizenship, eventually, to conquered peoples and peoples outsid Italy. Also, the Romans would just leave their conquered people alone unless they rebelled. The Han actually tried to assimulate their conquered people into their society. So the Han empire would be more appealing to a conquered person than the Roman empire would be.

Also, the Han and Roman Empires differed with that their militaries are not the same. The Han military is powerful but not as disciplined as the Roman military. The Roman military is powerful and each soldier is sent through rigorious training and disciplinary acts. Plus, the Roman...
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