The Scarecrow

Topics: Scarecrow, Crow Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: October 9, 2012
The scarecrow legend

Long time ago, there was a scarecrow live in farm to save it from the birds. This scarecrow was so different from the other, because he want to talk with the crows and make friend with them, but all of the crows were scared from him. He feels lonely and he doesn’t have friends. So he decide to make friend with the crow by moving his hand to them and gave them some seeds, but they never gave him any attention, because they scared of him. After many days at night there was injured crow fell down near the scarecrow and he look like dying. The scarecrow takes the crow to take care of him and he so happy. After couple days the crow got better because the scarecrow wrap the scarf on the crow to make him worm and he gave him some food. After that they took to gather and the crow told him you look different and you not scared me also you take care off me, so I will tell you story and why the birds doesn`t like you and scared. There was a scarecrow and he always scares the birds he looks like evil. The scarecrow says I’m different and I never scared anyone before, but the crow doesn’t believe him and he run away, and the scarecrow become sad again. After that he decide to talk to the farmer, but the farmer was so scared because he saw the scarecrow talking and he told everyone, that the scarecrow was talking and maybe he is devil. The scarecrow run away and he heard that the entire farmer follows him, which they want to kill him. So he decide to hide on windmill but they saw him hide there. All of them came to the windmill and they throwing stones and fire on the windmill. The windmill gets burned and the scarecrow cannot go out. A lot of crows flaying near the windmill and they saw the scarecrow dying inside the building, and they want to do something but it was late. After that the crows took the ashes of the scarecrow and flew up and throw it, to keep his memory stay on this city and every birds every farmer when they breathing they remember...
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