The Salem Witch Hunt: Is Elizabeth Innocent?

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Daniel Hadden
Ms. Carey
English 11A
6 October 2012

Is Elizabeth Innocent
Elizabeth Proctor was proven innocent, but she is not what everyone thinks she is. Elizabeth is the catalyst of the trials because of her relationship with Abigail Williams and how Elizabeth treated her husband. John Proctor has fights in which Elizabeth starts that make her look bad. She also had acted very poorly to Abigail after her affair with John that kick started a lot of events that lead to the trials. “I know you clutched my back” (Miller 14).Elizabeth proctor is the catalyst of the Salem witch trials.

Elizabeth proctor is the catalyst for the Salem witch trials because of her relationship with Abigail Williams. When Elizabeth discovered her husband, John Proctor, had an affair with Abigail she reacted with such anger that made Abigail and Elizabeth enemies. Instead Elizabeth should have had a discussion with John and Abigail and resolved the issue instead of just kicking Abigail and never talking about it again. If Elizabeth had acted like a mature adult then the events that lead up to the trials would have never happened. Elizabeth also acted very hostile towards John and only created more problems between the couple. For example Elizabeth makes accusations towards john that in the end don’t help their relationship.

John and Elizabeth have fights in which she starts that make her look even more suspicious. Elizabeth keeps bringing up the affair between John and Abigail showing that she is still mad at both of them. “You were alone with her?”(Miller 27). Elizabeth tells John he should be the one who goes to salem. She tells him to do that so that she doesn’t have to go and risk being convicted. This makes Elizabeth very selfish and mistrusting proving that she is the catalyst.

An argument could be said stating that John could be the one who is the one that started the trials. The only argument that could be said about John being the one who starts the trails is that...
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