The Rule of Four

Topics: Mathematics, Problem solving, Equation Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Mathematics includes methods, theorems, and models for solving equations that can be defined by and/or solved using numerical methods, graphical methods, or analytical methods. These three methods can solve small equations such as y=mx+b to x=-b±b2-4ac2a. Analytical methods use mathematical theorems to fully predict the implications of a theory. Analytical usually involves the user writing down formulas and follow step by step procedures find an answer. They can be used when equations are not complex and an exact answer is needed. Numerical methods are used more often when equations are complex to solve fully. Numerical includes; charts and tables, methods such as filling in numbers, to find trends in any given data. Graphical methods are used when equations have points that could be plotted on Out of the many ways to solve equation, I enjoy the most graphically. Solving an equation graphically saves time and has a tendency to be correct if you input the correct information. Numerically is also a time saver, as it allows you to search right for the answer after inputting data. Analytically is mostly used when graphically and numerically are not options (i.e. synthetic division, factoring…). In some situations using more than one method will needed to solve an equation, finding points on a graph before graphing it combines analytic and graphic approaches.

In real world situation solving problems such as, “how much money do I give for a tip” or “how much tax I have to pay”, will require some knowledge of basic analytical methods. If you run a business you will surely use all three methods to see your sales business popularity and your overall stock. Solving problems in mathematics takes knowledge of the three concepts (graphical, analytical, and numerical. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each concept will help you to figure out which is best for certain situations. You will also find that you enjoy one the most. These methods when used together...
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