The Role of Renewable Energies in Hong Kong for the〖 21〗^Stcentury

Topics: Renewable energy, Wind power, Fossil fuel Pages: 4 (1048 words) Published: December 1, 2011
Renewable Energy Sources are defined renewable non-fossil energy sources including wind, solar, geothermal, wave, tidal, hydropower, biomass, landfill gas, sewage treatment plant gas and biogases. In Hong Kong, the energy consumption is highly relied on non-renewable resources such as coal, natural gas, oil etc. However, if we only depend on those resources continuously, it may have a high risk of deficiency. Because of the limitation of the Non-Renewable Resources, Renewable Energy Sources have been used in large-scale power generation in some overseas countries, it is very important if this would be applicable in Hong Kong.

Renewable Resources using in Hong Kong

To solve the limitation problems, the best way is seeking for Renewable Energy that is suitable for local application. It is obvious that we should reinforce the percentage of using sustainable energy in Hong Kong for long terms. There are many kinds of Renewable Energy such as biomass, solar energy, tidal energy, wind power, hydroelectric power and nuclear energy. According to the two-stage consultancy study that conducted by the Electrical and mechanical Services Department in recent, it found that solar energy, energy from waste and wind energy are potentially available for widely use in Hong Kong.

(I) Solar Energy

Hong Kong has a significant solar energy resource, with an annual average of 1.29 MWh/m2 (4.66 GJ/m2) global horizontal radiation. Both solar Photovoltaic and solar thermal power technologies produce electricity in Hong Kong. However, it would appear the potential for wide-scale application of solar Photovoltaic systems higher than thermal electric in Hong Kong because it would require more land or space for systems of comparable capacities. However, this is not to say solar thermal electric power systems should not be considered at all. There may or may not be opportunities for adoption of this technology at existing or planned power station sites, and this is best...
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