The Rise of Black British Culture from Black British Music Like Reggae, Jazz, Ska to the Black British Education in Britain, Seen in "Some Kind of Black" by Diran Adebayo

Topics: Black people, Hip hop music, African American Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: November 22, 2010
The Rise of Black British Culture from Black British Music like Reggae, Jazz, Ska to the Black British Education in Britain, seen in "Some Kind of Black" by Diran Adebayo

The Black British culture is somewhat similar to that of the culture of blacks in America; however some things are more influential and seen differently in Britain than America. Black British Music is seen as very influential not only for Black British culture however for Britain music as a whole. The mixture of pop, ska, and punk had a huge impact on not only blacks in Britain however whites also. Another aspect of the Black British culture is the rise of the black culture in politics, labor, and education. Like America, blacks in the postwar Britain were discrimination against and were not welcomed with open arms; however Black British held onto their culture and earned their place in society.

Black British music is very influential in Britain to most individuals in society. Through “Some Kind of Black” written by Diran Adebayo, the reader can see the influence of music in characters. Reggae, Hip Hop, and Jungle music are three types of Black British music that are very influential in Britain. Black British music contains music from performers like George Bridgetower to Billy Waters, who was more of a street performer. Black British music is developed by various influences; especially Caribbean influences, it also has been influenced by Black American styles of music like rap. Like most music, Black British music has many influences however it has its own distinctive identity and represents Black British as a whole. Reggae is one very influential type of Black British music. It was developed in Jamaica around the late 1960s and contains different styles of music like ska and rocksteady. Groups like ‘Black Roots’ were very influential in the eighties and nineties. Reggae contains various instruments from the drums and other percussions, to bass, guitars, keyboards, horns, vocals, ect....
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