The Research Problem

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Problem solving Pages: 3 (514 words) Published: December 13, 2012
The Research Problem

Sources of Research Problems

1. Personal interest and observation
2. Pressing problem needing a solution
3. Other’s investigator’s theories and research
4. Literature in one’s field of specialization
5. Completed researches
6. Suggestions from colleagues and teachers

Ways of Stating the Research Problem

1. Declarative or Descriptive Form- is used when stating the main problem of the study.
2. Question Form- is used when stating the sub-problems or specific problems of the proposed research.

Main Problem: This study probed the influence of length of internet exposure of the first year high school students on their performance in Mathematics in the Philippine Women’s College of Davao during the academic year 2011-2012.

Sub-problems: The following problems were answered in this research:
1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of the following variables:
a. sex;
b. length of internet exposure;
c. program enrolled (regular or SEMAP);
d. availability of internet service at home;
e. performance in mathematics based on CEM results and periodic grades.
2. What is the dominant grade in mathematics of the first year high school students?
3. What are the qualifications of the teachers handling mathematics?
4. How do the students perceive mathematics as a subject?
5. In what activities are the students involving themselves whenever they use internet service?
6. How are the internet exposures of students related to their grades in mathematics?

What to do?
1. State your research problem in a sentence showing what you want to describe, explain, or predict.
2. Answer the following questions:
a. Is the problem statement clear?
b. Does it provide adequate focus and direction for research?...
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