The Regions of America

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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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Living in America means that we have the freedom to express ourselves, no matter what region we live in. In America, there are 3 million square miles from one end to another. The geography of the state’s beginning and end is determined by river lines, political lines, and mountain ranges. There are four main regions in the United States like: Northeast, Midwest, South, and the West. Each region has different jobs, foods, religions, and style of clothing, customs, music, sports, and much more. Also, some regions can have some similarities.

The Northeastern part of America is composed of nine states, which are divided into two parts called the New England and Mid-Atlantic States. The Northeastern part of America is mainly the technology industry states. Up North you most likely won’t find sweet tea, which you will find in the South. Another thing you will notice about the North is that it’s colder than the South. The Northern states are also big on fashion, Broadway, and different types of art. Next to the Northeastern region is the Midwest region. The Midwest region is made up of twelve states. It is mainly a rural area, but is also big on industry too. The Midwest is mainly used for the manufacturing and agriculture. The emphasis on manufacturing as a main economic means of life led to the growth of towns and cities around it. Agricultural jobs created many fields of crops and people living on secluded farms around these crops. Religiously, like most of the United States, the Midwest is predominantly Christian. All these distinct statements are what make the Midwest what it is today. Beside the Midwest is what we call “The West”. The West could be considered a prime example of why Americans sometimes call it "the land of opportunity" because of the economic possibilities in this area. The West cultures are way different than most of the other regions because it is more of a region where the environment is more respected. Most of the people...
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