“the Red Pony” by John Steinbeck – Critical Analysis

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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“The Red Pony” by John Steinbeck – Critical Analysis
John Steinbeck an American writer was born in the year 1902 and died in the year 1968.During his time, Steinbeck was one of the most accomplished writers and his literary works received massive popularity. Most of his novels and short stories were performed as plays on stage and that is one reason why he was among the best sellers during his era. One of his great accomplishments for his involvement in literature was the Literature Nobel Prize he won in 1962. Steinbeck wrote a total of twenty seven books and some of his most common books include; “The grapes of Wrath” written in 1939, the 1952 “East of Eden, The 1937 short novel “Mice and men” (John, pg 23). John Steinbeck spent much of his early life in a rural part of America and worked on various ranches with migrants ‘on spreckler ranch and other nearby ranches during his summers. He attended Salinas high school and later joined Stanford University, although he never graduated. He did various odd jobs before beginning his career as a writer. Steinbeck wrote his first novel Cup of Gold which was published in 1929.Other books he wrote were; the pastures of heaven (1932), The Red Pony (1933), Tortilla Flat (1935), The Grapes of Wrath (1939), and many others. During his career, Stein beck was involved in various issues and correspondence. Most of his literary works revolved around his life as well as the issues that affected people then (John, pg 56). One of the issues he wrote about was the 2nd world war in which he served as a war correspondent. His 1942 novel, “the moon is down” was based on the 2nd World War. The story was believed to talk about the Nazis occupation of Norway. This book earned him an award because of his contribution through literature on the resistance movement of Norway. Steinbeck grew in Salinas valley in California, an area that had many immigrants leading to a diverse culture. This area where lived were mostly the settings of his stories. Some of his literary works however drew a lot of controversies. His political views of which he portrayed in the novel “the Grapes of Wrath” were a major source of controversy (Steinbeck, pg 45). Critics said that his political views on the book were misrepresentations of the country and also stated that the book had obscene content. His views were on Capitalism, sympathy for worker’s conditions as well as his political views that had negative portrayal of the country. The story “The Red Pony” is about young immature boy who experiences the realities of life. The story brings out the emotional feelings to readers especially feelings of sorrow, futility, and rage. The book may appear to be a children’s story but it otherwise has an in-depth application and scope. The story revolves around a ten year old boy Jody Tiflin. From the book, the main character Tiflin is not a “polite” boy (Steinbeck, pg 45). One day Jody gets a big surprise. The big surprise is a Gift that the Father has presented to, him, A Red Pony. He names the Pony Galiban, a name he derives from the nearby mountain range referred by the same name. Jody’s attachment to Galiban grows as he treats the pony well. Jody trains Galiban a number of important lessons a he also learn, from the bridle to the saddle. Unfortunately, Galiban becomes sick and despite efforts to treat the pony, his health gets worse. Jody decides to sleep in the stable at night with his sick pony. Jody wakes up to find Galiban missing, he follows the trails of the pony, but he finds the pony dead and buzzards already feasting on it. Jody hits one of the buzzards with a stick and kills it. His father and Billy Buck arrive at that scene and pull him from the dead Buzzard. The father tells him that it’s not the buzzard that killed the Pony, Billy Buck stands up for Jody and tells him that even Jesus Christ is not happy about Galiban’s death. In this chapter, Jody loses trust in Billy buck his horseman...
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