The Red Baron

Topics: World War I, World War II, Hot air balloon Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: May 9, 2013
The red baron
This is the story of Manfred Von Ritchofen a German 24 year old man, which in 1916 goes to war like many thousands of young men. He was a fight pilot that really fasts becomes famous because his victories. He and his friends, had their own code of honor characterized by an athletic ambition, an obsession with technology and chivalrous respectability. They decorate their airplanes with a variety of motifs. Manfred’s paints his airplane red, at first his superior are not happy with this, because they would lost the surprise element, but when they ask him why did he paint his plane, he answers that he don’t want to be a surprise, he want to be feared. Because of this he wins the nickname of the red baron. He starts to become a “celebrity” and he is recognized by the Emperor, he is also promoted several times; his dream always went to be the leader of the air force but when he actually got it and they told him that he would stop fighting in the air he declined it because of three causes: 1. He loves flying and he didn’t want to stop.

2. He realized that war wasn’t the glorious thing that he used to think; he meted a nurse who explained the war in the other perspective and who changed his mind about it. 3. He stopped thinking that Germany had a chance to win, he knew that the alliances were about to win and he didn’t wanted to send people to die for a lost cause, so he preferred fight in the sky with his friends. Finally, he died in battle the 28 of April of 1918 and he is buried in British territory, with complete military honors. He was always concerned about dignity of his opponents so he had earned the respect of all his “enemies”. He is considered the best fight pilot of the World War I.

1. Between the trench complexes lay “no man´s land” – a barren expanse of mud pockmarked with shell craters and filled with barbed wire. (pg. 376) There is a scene in the movie where Manfred shoot an enemy´s airplane and he goes down to talk with...
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