The Recruitment and Selection Process

Topics: Leadership, Expatriate, Third Country National Pages: 10 (3788 words) Published: April 6, 2013
HRM 514
Assignment 1

Cherie Gil G. Chan Peter Carton 11489059 lecturer It is the intention of this essay to critically examine the process and procedure on how to recruit and select a CEO in the set-up and growth phase of the business cycle within Shanghai in February 2013. Firstly, this essay will argue whether the Human Resource Department of Samsung will adopt an ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric or geocentric recruitment and selection strategy. Secondly, this essay will outline the selection criteria for determining as who will be selected for the new CEO position within Shanghai. Thirdly, this essay will propose the leadership style and traits that the appointed CEO must obtain. Fourthly, this essay will discuss the role of the spouse and children of the appointed CEO and how they will survive in the international assignment. Fifthly, this essay will examine the key advantages and disadvantages of recruiting internally. Sixthly, this essay will examine the arguments for and against recruiting the new CEO for the Shanghai job role externally from the host nation. Seventhly, this essay will examine the arguments for and against recruiting the new CEO externally from the third nation countries after internal and external candidate have been exhausted. Eighthly, this essay will argue the key advantages and disadvantages of recruiting the new CEO from Inpatriates. And finally, this essay will evaluate the recruitment and selection strategy used by the Human Resource Department of Samsung to fill in the job role in Shanghai. Polycentric recruitment and selection strategy will be applied on filling up the new CEO position for Samsung since Shanghai is a developed country. The host nation will adopt its orientation towards growing a business that will reflect the goals and objective with regards to different strategies and procedures of international operation. This strategy approach believes that in the international business, the local preferences are most suitable to deal with local market conditions since it will give a full understanding on what is really needed. Barlett et al (2008), cites that the key benefits of the polycentric approach includes intense exploitation of local markets, better sales because the local management are informed of the preferences needed by the consumers, more initiative to local products, and the company will receive a more host government support. But due to the limitations provided with this kind of approach, Calof and Beamish (1994), argues that although there is a great benefit in considering the locals of the host country, the polycentric approach will give obstacles once it is being implemented by the management since it will contribute to the problems such as the management will lose coordination with its international subsidiaries since they have to work independently to meet and satisfy the host country’s criteria. The management will also lose control of the host country company because the local nationals are more aware of the market especially when it comes to pricing, customer service, market research, and distributions. Some of the disadvantages of the polycentric approach also include restriction of the company for mass production due to the local preferences, inefficient use of the home-county’s knowledge and experience, localization costs of the universal product, and the excessive regard for local for local traditions at the expense of global growth. In conclusion, Wind and Douglas (1973), states that a polycentric approach should only be used within a company if there is a common agreement that will allowed in the decision making of the host country with regards to its procedures and objectives. The communication between the home and the host country should be...
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