The Recognition of Shakuntala

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Martina Guerra
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"The Recognition Of Shakuntala" by Kalidasa
Translated by Arthur W. Ryder

The Recognition of Shakuntala

The Recognition of Shakuntala is a story of how a young girl, Shakuntala falls in love with a King, King Dushyanta. The King runs into Shakuntala and her friends in the midst of a deer hunt. When Shakuntala first seen the king, she was instantly attracted to him. She felt butterflies in her stomach from just his presence, alone. The King was instantly attracted to her as well. He recited poetry about her continuously throughout Act One. "Her arms are tender shoots; her lips Are blossoms red and warm; Bewitching youth begins to flower; In beauty on her form." He also states: "To beauty such as this; No woman could give birth; The quivering lightning flash; Is not a child of earth." The King didn't know of Shakuntala's feelings for him until later. The King spoke to Shakuntala's friend about her. He shows only a slight interest in Shakutala, as he listens to her friends, speak about her. He questions them about her background and asks if she'd be interested in marrying. The girls explain that she is and she is the daughter of Father Kavna and he must ask for his daughter's hand in marriage. Kavna, gives the king the honor of marrying his daughter. They soon get married and Shakuntala becomes pregnant. The king leaves back home, and plans to send for his newly wed bride, soon. Priyamvada and Anusuya don't agree with the split, only because they fear the king will be guilty of infidelity, because of all the women that are present back home with him. Shakuntala, soon decides she is ready to leave. He farewell is long and hard, and bittersweet. She leaves and goes on her Journey to be with her new husband. When she gets there, he does not remember her. Durvasa, who has a very short temper, placed a curse, so that the king would not remember her. She tries to prove that she is his wife by showing him the ring he gave...
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