The Reason Why E-Book Can Not Instead of the Real Book

Topics: Books, E-book, Copyright Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: February 16, 2012
The Reason Why E-Book Can Not Instead of The Real Book
The E-Book becomes a popular tool recently, but it can’t instead of the real book now. The history of E-Book can traced back to 1990s in the U.S. Someone wanted to invent a book that can read more conveniently, but it still had a lot of problem until now. Some people believe that the E-book will change into more and more useful than real book, some people do not. Everyone hoped a new product can help us more additionally. It’s easy to break copyright laws on E-book. Thesis can spread information by computer easily. If people use E-Book generally, it means people have more chance to copy it and violate intellectual property. In the twenty-first century, intellectual property is one of the most important things for us, and every government made laws to protect that. We shouldn’t support the thing that causes to people break copyright laws easily. E-Books can cause eyestrain.  E-Books are read on a computer or special device that is viewed on a screen.  The screen does not have the same type of resolution like print on paper has (Tian,2010). Some people don’t have a computer yet. Maybe a computer just costs two or three hundred dollars, but a lot of people can’t afford it. If E-Book Instead of the real book, it will affect poor people’s education. There is nothing more important than education for kids. Used the real books for thousands of years, but there are so many books don’t transmit online, so it’s impossible to read every book online. Others still think the real book wastes wood, and it destroys the environment. It is true, but they didn’t consider that the wood from underdeveloped countries. If they don’t sale the wood, causing more and more problems in the world. For example, a lot of people will lose their job, inducing a lot of social problems. If want change the surroundings now , need to pay a huge price for that. However, real books are not perfect, but they...
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