The Reality of Homosexuality in Society

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality Pages: 3 (735 words) Published: July 30, 2008
In this research, I will discuss the claim that homosexuality is unnatural and the arguments we often hear from the moral traditionalists used to support the claim. I remember an article about John Corvino, from the Internet; he easily and deftly deals with the arguments about homosexuality. However his arguments have the potential to open up a can of worms with regards to incest and bestiality. Corvino’s arguments against libeling an activity as unnatural to gauge its moral value can be used to claim a slippery slope occurs. Thus creating a dilemma where the moral liberal must accept incest and bestiality if she accepts homosexuality as morally neutral. This is not really an argument but rather a challenge to show how this slippery slope does not occur. This is done first by providing some positive arguments for homosexuality. Incest and bestiality do not have these benefits and are more likely to result in negatives. Second, the link between homosexuality, incest and bestiality will be questioned. The fact that heterosexuals and homosexuals can engage in incest and bestiality shows the traditionalists to be begging the question in their grouping of the three. This sets incest and bestiality up as separate arguments, and so creates a logical divide between homosexuality, incest and bestiality. No one knows exactly how homosexuality entered into human history. Still, that’s one of the big issues. Another, my curiosity is one of the factors why I want to research this topic. As a member of the homosexual community, I want to know more better how come a little boy when he grew up, his lifestyle change, like in the girls. No one would imagine that the practices associated with the erotic attraction of people to one's own gender have been around since the dawn of humanity. The earliest accounts of homosexual behavior seem to be found in ancient pagan religious practices. At least, the pagans included homosexuality in the worship of various gods. Whether the inclusion...
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